Romantic Text Messages to Send to Your Lover

Sexy Texts

  • Where are you? You should be in my bed.
  • I wish last night could have gone on forever.
  • Just thinking about you makes me hot.
  • You know what I’m thinking about right now? Licking every single part of you.
  • I’m eating lunch right now … I rather be eating you.
  • You looked so amazing last night.
  • I want to touch every inch of you.
  • Thanks for staying last night. Waking up with you is even better than sleeping with you. 
  • I want to roll around in bed with you.
  • Want to get together and try to study, but end up taking off our clothes instead?
  • I found this really cool site where we can get sexy stuff. Check it out!

  • My body is yearning for yours.

  • I’m in bed, naked, thinking about you. ;)

  • My bed is so empty without you.

  • I’m about to get in the shower and wish you were here … ;)

  • Hey, I just heard that sex burns 220 calories. ;)

  • I bet I can kiss you 100 times in two minutes. Want to try? :)

  • I dare you to tell me one of your favorite fantasies.

  • Let’s unplug the TV and the computer and turn off our cell phones tonight. I want to focus on just you.

  • I dare you to kiss me for 10 minutes straight tonight. :)

  • This text is good for $100 worth of lingerie. Let me know when you want to go shopping!

  • This text is good for $100 worth of sexy gifts. Let’s go shopping at together!

  • What do I do that turns you on the most? Because I want to do it tonight.

  • Let’s spend an hour on foreplay tonight. I really want to please you. 

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