Romantic Text Messages to Send to Your Lover

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Want to melt your lover's heart? 

There are millions of ways to keep romance alive, but none so simple as grabbing your phone and typing out a cute text that's sure to make your lover's day. However, it can be difficult to come up with that perfect text message. supplies you with texts for all kinds of romantic situations. Use our texts as-is or tweak them to fit your lover's unique qualities.

Whether you want to flirt with the beauty you met at last night's party, or renew the romance with your partner of 20 years, has a text that will make your lover feel amazing. 

Check out our Romantexts, and even submit your own romantic texts and sayings here. To have romantic texts right at your fingertips, download the Romantext iPhone App. The App features 50 of our most popular texts, ready to send to your love interest. Just select your favorite and press send for the easiest way to send a Romantext.

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